Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inspired by Cheap: Mirrors

Because of  time constraints (mainly involving raising a two year old), it takes me about a week to create one room which (if you're doing the math) means only one post per week. So, in the interest of branching out I'm starting a new segment called "Inspired By Cheap". I will be doing something along the lines of "get this look for less" or "get this item for less".

This week I'm focusing on the surprising price discrepancy I noticed between two mirrors at four different stores.

First item is this metal white shell mirror:

Usually I assume everything at Target is going to be cheaper than items at higher-end stores but here is an example where this is not the case. This shell mirror is $99.99 at Target but at Country Curtains (a usually much more expensive store) the mirror is only $88.

The next item is this heavy silver-leaf Cyrus mirror:

When I think Neiman Marcus I think exorbitantly high priced items. When I think Home Decorator's Collection (a Home Depot subsidiary) I think moderately priced items. After all, their tagline is "Where value and selection come home". But in the case if this beautiful mirror it is surprisingly cheaper at Neiman Marcus where it's $199 than at Home Decorator's where it's $279 Even the shipping and freight charges rack up the price more at HD.

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  1. wow that was really eye opening keep up the good work in these time we need to save all we can