Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dunkin Donuts


This bedroom is inspired by Dunkin Donuts. Yes that's right, Dunkin Donuts. It all started when I called my husband asking if he had any ideas for a potential theme. He said: "What about Dunkin Donuts?" I'm fairly certain that at the time he was driving by one of the million Dunkin Donuts establishments located in our state. I'm also fairly certain he was joking. Little did he know I would embrace the challenge and create a teen girl's pink dream bedroom to boot.  

Pretty much everything in this room is meant to conjure up feelings of eating doughnuts and drinking coffee while visiting a Dunkin Donuts. The color scheme was easy because every Dunkin Donuts is decked out in hot pink, orange, and brown. The striped Flor tiles contain all three of the colors, as does the striped bedding. I chose the bed because it is orange, and has a circle pattern that is reminiscent of doughnuts. "Mmmmm doughnuts" (I'm sorry the Homer Simpson reference had to come out at least once in this piece). The cappuccino mug lamp was an obvious choice. Actually I think this is my  most obvious theme to date. Especially with the abundance of blatant coffee references: coffee cup clock, coffee cup wall art, and an actual ceramic coffee cup (made to look like a paper cup) on the desk. I also chose the nightstand and the desk because they remind of a latte with their dark brown bottoms and white tops. Plus the velvet curtain's rich dark coffee color. But I think I can get away with the obviousness a little more with this room because it's meant for a teenager.

Next came the doughnut touches. I definitely didn't want to overdo it with the doughnuts. Because what teenage girl would decorate her room with doughnuts? Well, I might have but that's another story. There are the really cute ceramic sweet treat boxes (doughnut, cupcake, and cake slice) and I thought the reclaimed 45 record mirror looked like little vinyl doughnuts all around. Finally I selected the pink chair because fiberglass shell chairs always remind of chairs you'd see in a fast food joint (or a Dunkin Donuts in this case). In retrospect perhaps a caffeine and sugar themed bedroom isn't the most relaxing way to go?


Kayla bedding ($79.99/full, $24.99/sham) from JCPenney
Ribba Frame ($9.99) from IKEA


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