Monday, April 12, 2010

Trading Spaces: $2000 challenge (revisited)

You may remember last November I created a bedroom inspired by the television show Trading Spaces in which everything in it totaled under $2000.  This week I decided to make a living room utilizing that same concept.  Everything in this room totals under $2000 (albeit only 23 cents under) plus no two items are from the same store. In my head I created the scenario that for some reason I have no worldy possessions and I am given only $2000 to design an entire room (much like they do on Trading Spaces). I figure at this rate I'll eventually get a whole  house on here (minus the kitchen because it's impossible to design an entire kitchen from scratch for under $2000).

In some ways I think the bedroom was more successful, mainly because it feels more complete. If this living room were an actual room it would look a bit sparse. Since this whole thing is fantasy anyway, I'm going to declare this room to be a very small area with only two windows.  Because of this "obstacle" I had to choose items that were smaller scaled. The sofa and cabinet are both on the smaller side . The rug is only 5x7 and I selected a round coffee table rather than a rectangular one because of its less overwhelming footprint.

Some items I splurged on, the lamp cost almost double what the cabinet cost and the side table and mirror are almost the same price as the coffee table. But I didn't want it to be a room filled with cheap items. I think it's possible to shop on a budget and not have to cut every corner.

I struggled with finding the right paint color and I'm not sure I succeeded. This room is supposed to be in my taste (on a budget) and blue is my favorite color but I didn't want to use blue because it's the color of the wall in the $2000 bedroom. I generally don't like warm colors so oranges, yellows, and browns were out. I was reluctant to use green because it seems like I use a whole lot of green paint on this blog. However, given the parameters, I felt green is the color that works the best with the room. Behr's Corn Husk Green is a fresh green with brown and yellow undertones.

And now for the cost breakdown:

Cameron Sofa from JC Penney:  $599
Sauder Vinegate Storage Tower from Wal Mart:  $109
5x7 African Suns rug from Urban Outfitters:  $68
Vejmon coffee table from IKEA:  $149
Uttermost Reena Blue Glass lamp from Lamps Plus:  $191.91
Martini Side Table from West Elm: $129
angelo:HOME Harlow Chair from $289.99
Damask set of 2 pillows from Target: $24.99
Rise 6 framed print from Z Gallerie: $99.95
Fluted Wooden Mirror from Modern Chic Home: $129
Crackle White Vase from Pottery Barn: $69
Mehendi Vase from Anthropologie: $16
Shallow Oval Tray from Crate and Barrel: $19.95
Medallion Roman Shades 36x62 from World Market: $39.99 x 2 = $79.98
Corn Husk Green paint from Behr (1 gallon): $25

Grand total = $1999.77

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