Monday, April 19, 2010

"No two stools are the same"

So about a year ago I stumbled across this table? stool? aboriginal drum? while shopping at The Christmas Tree Shop . I wasn't exactly sure what it was but it was only three bucks and I thought it would make a cute table to put next to my son's reading chair.

Cut to last week when I was perusing through my new CB2 catalog and I saw this:

Well, whaddaya know it's a stool (for sitting on, not for standing on). I was a bit surprised to see the $50 price tag. (Right now it looks as if it's marked down to $29.95 so if you're in the market for a stool made in India, act now!!) Granted this one looks about double the size of mine but still, I think three bucks was a pretty good deal.


  1. Make sure there are no anthrax spores in that african drum!

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