Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rooms By The Sea, 1951

This room is inspired by the Edward Hopper painting Rooms By The Sea . I've always liked this painting because it's not your typical ocean scene. It's a view of the sea through an opened door. Most likely a rented room for vacationers. I thought it would look nice in an understated beach house dining room. I chose a few punches of colors here and there but for the most part I wanted to stay away from typical beach house decor (buoys, coral, shells, etc).
I really tried to incorporate a nice mix of low-end and high-end items in this room. The table is a little pricey (almost $2000) but it seats 6 and comes in various colors. I love Maine Cottage but their stuff isn't exactly bargain friendly. You could probably pick up a similar table and paint it yourself for a fraction of the cost. I did offset the table's price with chairs from Walmart which are a steal at only $129.99 each! Who knew Walmart had such cute furniture? The rug is a large jute rug that is meant to fit almost the entire room. I think with every room I create it is understood in my mind that there are hardwood floors.

I LOVE the Capiz Shell light from Target and want one for my own non-beach themed dining room. The dinnerware is an absolute steal from K-Mart. Again, who knew the big K had such cute stuff? The paint is hard to see on the computer screen but it's a pale tan called Powder Sand by Benjamin Moore. I thought the name was appropriate for the theme and also the color works well with the muted rug and bright furniture.


Carolina Cottage Sausalito Dining Chair in Avacado Green ($129.99) from Walmart
Capiz Shell Floral Pendant Light ($359.99) from Target
Abstract Floral Dinnerware Collection ($5.99-$17.99) from K-Mart
Della Dining Table in French Blue ($1990) from Maine Cottage

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